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Basketball Workouts
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No Trainer, No Excuse!



GoToKenny (GTK) is an online basketball training service that takes you through 20-90+ minute individual, small group, position specific, and skill-specific workouts requiring little to no equipment.

We strive to provide the simplest way to improve your game with or without the assistants of an in-person skills coach. 

Premium Memberships provide an all-access pass to our entire library of online basketball workouts, demonstration videos and more. And with Assist, upload video of your latest GTK workout and our professional trainers will provide you with feedback within 24 hours.


GTK was formed by founder and professional skills trainer, Kenny Drake, based on the principle that you never know when you'll be given an opportunity so prepare for it every day.

Kenny has created dozens of effective basketball workouts for his clients over the years. After developing many players into successful high school, college, and professional basketball players, he knew that he had something special, that really resonated with a lot of people. And that’s when GoToKenny was born… We will help people around the globe, not only basketball players, but coaches, skills trainers and even teams reach their goals by making workouts that are accessible anywhere with an easy to follow instructional format that encourages and motivates people to succeed.


“What you think you already know will keep you from improving.”